Author Topic: NE League 2018 starts tonight, 4.10  (Read 446 times)

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NE League 2018 starts tonight, 4.10
« on: April 10, 2018, 01:14:16 PM »
The Great League of the Northeast returns tonight to Kessler Park at Cliff Drive.  Tonight is NOT a PDGA league, just so you know.  Jack Lowe has a new job and so won't get there until 6-ish, so I am going to take sign ups, put cards together, and do whatever it is that league directors do.  Maybe I can figure it out between now and then.

Layout, per Jack's wishes - there are multiple pins on many holes, so please note the layout to be used is:

1.  Short - around corner to the right tight against tree line
2.  Short
3.  Only
4.  Middle - Rocks
5.  Long
6.  Right - Tunnel
7.  Short - left, entrance to tree tunnel
8.  Middle - Between the trees
9.  Only
10.  Middle
11.  Long - around the corner of reservoir
12.  Only
13.  Long
14.  Short - on hill
15.  Short - Under tree
16.  Short - between reservoir and road
17.  Short - left by road
18.  Short - by road

Out of Bounds - on or over any road, over any fence. 
Hole 12 - if you're OB on drive, proceed to DZ with one shot penalty.  If you're down the hill right, you have the option to play from DZ with one shot penalty or play from where it lies.

$4 for KCFDC members, $5 for non-KCFDC members.  Add a buck for the ace fund.  Sign ups start when I get there, around 5:15.  I'll roll cards out at 5:30 or so if you're ready.  Last card out at 6:00.

I'll see ya at Cliff Drive!
Mike Krueger
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