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To Do list for the Wide Open
« on: May 07, 2018, 09:16:55 AM »
Here will be the layout and the needed work that I see at Cliff.

1-Original--Mow the "green" Mow the hill before the rocks, ensure trash is gone, Clear Honeysuckle off the hill some more, clear out in front of the pad

2-Long--Mow, weed eat, spray, honeysuckle, look at "stairs" better egress from the pad.

3-Original, clear off hillside, clean up "cliff areas" all over the place, new stairs, rocks needed to get up to the "green", all behind basket needs whacked, and then sprayed as well.

4-LONG--Mow, remove logs (cut on north fairway part)

5-Long--Clean hillside, remove downed tree, clean out green area remove some honeysuckle

6-Tunnel-Mow, remove downed trees, get the trail fixed from P&R, on the "tunnel" area clear out some of the honeysuckle, but not much.

7-Long--Clean Green area more, Spray, remove some honeysuckle

Path to #8-Clean all the way to the rocks, and the extend this cleaning/clearing all the way up to #8 hangar basket

8-Long, clear out more behind the pin here, create a "true" 25'-35' green on the hole, may need to carve in prior to the basket, and also on the east side of the fairway, MOW and get that growth that has started DOWN.

9-only--just remain tidy go long or not....Clear out the Long pin and explore, will need a spotter all rounds on this hole if long.....--Went to the Middle placement....

11--Long Clear out the fence line on the reservoir

12--Uncertain at this time--Not in Play for the Wide Open

13-Long, need new LONG pad installed--Being done by PnR this week.

14--Will play to #15 LONG

16--Long by fountain

17-Island, need to clean up the road and paint ob on the Island

18--To long practice basket--Blue

Will be working out there as frequently as I can.  If you can help, I only ask you let me know.



New holes....#1 and #2 need trash removal and clean up.  Can use as much help as you can give.  Need to get rid of the "vines" on #2, and then do some tree trimming on branches on #1.  Need to pull some of the railroad ties for a bridge on the #1, probably need 6 Railroad ties if you can help please let me know.
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